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Yeïzh des Lys / WRITTEN WORKS (1993-2017)

Yeïzh des Lys is a French composer and instrumentalist. His work is mainly devoted to electric strings and electronic
but he also composes for traditional instruments, string quartet and small ensembles. His music is a sort of experimental chamber music.
Recently, he published the book "La trompe d'Eustache" (Eustachian tube) which contains a selection of his original music scores,
arrangments and some texts. All the content of this book is planned to be recorded and released.

Yeïzh des Lys : electric strings, electronic, composition

* Yeïzh des Lys / Photo by © Laurent D'Havé.


Yeïzh des Lys : "La trompe d'Eustache" [Book]

Written between 1993 and 2017, "La trompe d'Eustache" (Eustachian tube) is a unique book of selected scores and texts.
by Franck Smith (alias Ijnveïq de Ernestine, Zviij & Yeïzh des Lys, ).

Cover by © Elvire Smith-Bastendorff.

Performed by Yeïzh des Lys (electric guitar, electronics).
Recorded & mixed .
Mastering by .
Cover photo by Elvire Bastendorff
Inside photo by


01. Rose des sables (Ijnveïq de Ernestine)
02. Moulins à vent (Ijnveïq de Ernestine)
03. Tourniquet (Ijnveïq de Ernestine)
04. Vert de gris (Ijnveïq de Ernestine)
05. Quelques pas (Ijnveïq de Ernestine)
06. Ritournelles (Ijnveïq de Ernestine)
07. Raven of idleness (Ijnveïq de Ernestine)
08. Gris-gris (Ijnveïq de Ernestine)
09. Good bye pork pie hat (Charles Mingus)
10. Round midnight (Theolonious Monk)

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